Opioids: What are They?

Fact Sheets

These additional Government of Canada Fact Sheets provide useful information regarding Opioids, the Opioid crisis, as well as the importance of reducing the stigma associated with substance use.

Canada’s Opioid Crisis

Stigma: Why Words Matter

Problematic Opioid Use

Alternative Names for Illegal Drugs

Did you know many drugs have “code names”?  Family, teachers, co-workers, and friends should know the commonly used names for illegal drugs.

Commonly Used Names for Illegal Drugs

Information for Parents

Information for Youth – Opioids and Youth 

This website has resources and tools for youth and their families to help raise awareness, educate, and reduce the stigma associated with opioid use.

Information for Educators

Northreach Society

Northreach offers various presentations on various topics including sexual health, safer sex, HIV/HCV/STBBIs, gender and sexual diversity, and substances/substance use.

Western University Centre for School Mental Health

The Centre for School Mental Health at Western University and the Public Health Agency of Canada partnered to develop resources for school communities with the goal of preventing problematic substance use through positive youth development.

Information for Frontline Workers & Policy Makers

Canadian Substance Use Resource and Knowledge Exchange Centre (SURE)

SURE is a resource from the Canadian Public Health Association and it provides a curated series of tools and resources geared towards supporting you in implementing a public health approach to substance use in your community.