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Where to Start

If you or someone you know is experiencing opioid use, opioid dependency or opioid addiction and do not know where to start to get help, please call one of the numbers listed below

Alberta Health Services – Integrated Crisis and Access Team (ICAT)
For those concerned about their own or someone else’s alcohol, substance use, gambling and/or mental health. Single point of access for children, youth, adults and their families.


ACT Medical Centre

ACT Medical provides Methadone & Suboxone to aid in the treatment of addicitions to a variety of opiates such as fentanyl, heroine, oxycodone, morphine. Primary Care available for both clients and their families.


Northreach Society

Northreach Society (formerly HIV North) offers support and education about drugs use using a harm reduction approach. Northreach offers Naloxone and Naloxone administration training.