The Opioid Task Force is using a 4-pillar approach to the opioid crisis in Grande Prairie.

1. Prevention

Prevention resources provide information on preventing substance use and/or decreasing substance use. Here you can find information on resources on available programs and resources in the community to support mental health, education around stigma, and information on addictions.

Housing Supports
Pain Management
Suicide Prevention
Youth Support

2. Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is an approach that meets people where they are at, in an attempt to reduce some of the harms associated with using drugs.  Resources available in the community include: Naloxone (and Naloxone training), safer supplies, and resources for the safe disposal of drug paraphernalia.

Naloxone & Overdose
Needle Disposal
Supplies & Support

3. Treatment & Recovery

A list of different treatment and recovery supports in Grande Prairie and across Alberta for people in opioid dependence treatment or working on recovery. Programs and services are offered at different levels including: detox programs, opioid substitution therapy, counselling and mental health services, and residential treatment programs.

Indigenous Programming
Mental Health
Across Alberta

4. Policing

Policing refers to resources used to manage the effects of opioid use in the community and make the community safer for everyone.

Good Samaritan Act
Legal Aid
Report a Drug House