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Report a Drug House

Report a Drug House
Confidential Tip Line: 780-830-7444

All information is confidential.

To report a suspicious home, call 780-830-7444 and leave a message providing as much detail as possible, including the address of the home and what you observe happening. Someone will return your call within two business days.

What to look for…

  • Increase in traffic (vehicles and people) coming and going
  • Unusually strong odours
  • Large amounts of garbage
  • Residents who do not appear to regularly attend/leave for work but drive expensive vehicles
  • Residences with blacked out or boarded up windows
  • Decline in appearance of home’s exterior and landscaping
  • Extreme security measures around the house
  • Unfriendly residents who appear secretive about their activities

For drug activity in progress or a situation that requires an immediate police response, CALL 911.