Book a Session

If you would like to request an education session on opioid use, please contact: 
Community Social Development (

Education can help to increase dialogue around opioid use to decrease stigma. Critical Condition: The Opioid Crisis in Grande Prairie video series highlights the impact of the opioid crisis in our community and the role stigma plays in the crisis.

Our facilitators are available (free of cost) if you aren’t sure where to start a conversation around opioids and stigma and/or if you would like to broaden the conversation to increase knowledge and awareness around opioid use.

Facilitated sessions can be booked for groups in the community, businesses, schools, or other organizations. Facilitators will guide participants through the video series, engage in conversation around stigma, and answer any questions participants may have. 

Presentations can be personalized based on your groups’ need with additional information about:

● The Opioid Crisis
● The Four Pillar approach
● Harm Reduction
● Naloxone and Naloxone administration. 
● Treatment & Recovery
●  Policing, the Good Samaritan Act, and PACT