Programs Across Alberta


Bonnyville Indian-Metis Rehabilitation Centre

At the Indian-Metis Rehabilitation Centre, they focus on a holistic healing approach for all aspects of addiction including alcohol, drugs or both. It requires 7 days of abstinence for admission.

Alberta resident: $40/daily rate



Aventa offers a holistic treatment approach in helping women to overcome their addictions, and lead lives that are addiction free. Healthy women translate to healthy families, and healthy communities. At Aventa, women help women to build resilience so that they may overcome the effects of trauma and addictions. They require 10 days of abstinence for admission.

Alberta resident: $50/daily rate
Assessment fee: $40
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Fresh Start Recovery Program 

Fresh Start Recovery Program is a 14-16 week program for males. They offer one on one counselling, group facilitated healing, Mike Miles Muay Thai physical training, balanced nutritional meals, Pure North  S’energy Foundation assessment, support and an opportunity to build a strong foundation of recovery.


Landers Treatment Centre

Lander Treatment Centre offers a short-term intensive, residential addiction treatment program for adult men and women who are experiencing problems as a result of their alcohol use, other drug use, or gambling.

The program length varies from 18 to 24 days, with the exact length for each individual being determined during the application approval process. The core program is 18 days.

Cost: $40 per day for Alberta residents


Grace House

Grace House is a residential facility for adult men seeking to begin a new life, free of addiction to alcohol or other drugs. According to, Grace House does not accept clients on methadone or suboxone.


Cunningham Place

Cunningham Place is a 28 bed supportive transitional housing facility for youth aged 18-30 and provides accommodations for individuals of moderate to low-income.

Cost: $560/monthly rate

George Spady Society

George Spady Society strives to provide a continuum of support services to people with complex life circumstances associated with substance-related and concurrent disorders and homelessness, empowering them to improve their lives through client-centered, evidence-based best practices. They offer many different programs including an overnight shelter, detox, supervised consumption site, permanent supportive housing, and transitional housing

Henwood Residential Treatment Centre

Henwood offers workshops, group counselling, self-help meetings and leisure activities that occur throughout the day and evening. The average program is 19 days.

Alberta residents: $40/daily rate
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Jellinek Society

The Jellinek Society operates a 17-bed residence for men in the early stages of their recovery process. They offer an abstinence-based environment that provides housing and fellowship for those transitioning between treatment and independent living. They require 30 days of abstinence.

McDougall House Recovery Home for Women

McDougall House is a “second stage” residential addiction treatment for adult women.  This is a 3 month treatment program.  They require 7 days of abstinence prior to assessment.  They also require an inpatient treatment program prior to admission.

Cost is $40 per day.  They do not accommodate children.  

Our House Addiction Recovery Centre for Men

Our House runs a year-long residential, with 24-hour support program for adult men who have completed a short-term residential treatment program

Cost: Monthly residential fee-Call for additional information

Recovery Acres

Recovery Acres provides residential treatment in a safe and sober living environment for adult men with a history of addiction. This is a 3 month program that require 5 days of abstinence.  Length of stay can be extended.  

Cost is $40 per day

The Salvation Army Addiction and Residential Centre

The Transformations Addictions Recovery Program is a 4 month inpatient holistic, abstinence based program for adult males.  They require 10 days of abstinence.  

Cost: $40 per day

Fort McMurry

Mark Amy Treatment Centre

Mark Amy Treatment Centre is an Intensive 42 to 56 day Residential Treatment Program for addiction recovery for adult men and women.  They require a minimum 7 days of sobriety/detoxification prior to admission.  

Cost: Treaty Status is free, non-treaty is $150 per day

Grande Prairie

Northern Addictions Centre

Northern Addiction Centre offers a 20-day treatment program for adult men and women with a length of stay between 20 and 45 days depending on the situation.  They also have an onsite detox. 

 Costs: $40 per day

Rising Above

Rising Above offers a 6 month residential addiction treatment program for adult men and women.  They require a minimum 7 days of sobriety/detoxification prior to admission.  

Cost: $500 per month- financial assistance maybe available


Kapown Rehabilitation Centre

Kapown offers residential treatment, family treatment, and outpatient treatment programs for men and women.

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McCullough Centre for Homeless Men

McCullough Centre provides a 6-month program for homeless adult men with addictions and/or mental health issues. It includes a private room and support services to recover and develop a stable, healthy lifestyle. Willing to detox for at least 5 days prior to arriving.  

Cost: Depends on source of income

High Level

Action North 

Action North Recovery Centre is an 18 bed Co-ed residential treatment facility. The Centre allows for smaller client groups and focus. Clients may have access to outside  appointments with Mental Health to see a therapist via Walk-in clinic, if applicable.

Alberta resident: $40/daily rate
Out of province: $150/daily rate


South Country Treatment Centre

South Country Treatment Centre offers a 4 week (28 days) intensive inpatient program for alcohol, drugs and problem gambling for adult men and women.  They require 5 days of abstinence. 

Cost: $40 per day

Southern Alcare Manor

Southern Alcare Manor offers a 90 day treatment program for adult men and women.  They require 5 days of abstinence for admission. 

Cost: $40 per day

Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat Recovery Centre

This is a 28 day recovery centre with on site detox for both male and female clients. Wait times are usually 6-8 weeks. 

Cost: $40 per day


Footprints Healing Centre

Footprints offers in-patient treatment programs to men and women. Must be 18 or over to enter treatment.

Sturgeon County

Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centre

Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centres provides specialized programming that is designed with the individual in mind as we are aware that each person is unique. In keeping with this awareness, Poundmaker’s offers 3 distinct programs: a 42 Day Residential Treatment Program designed for adult men and women, a 90 Day Young Adult Residential Treatment Program specifically designed for young adults between the ages of 18 to 24 years who are Alberta residents and the Iskwew Healing Lodge which is an aftercare facility for women.

Cost: $40 per day for all programs